Central Marin Sanitation Agency

Kids By The Bay

Kids By The Bay

Produced and directed by Emmy Award winning directors Judy Irving and Christopher Beaver, shows how much fun it is to pitch in and restore the environment. The 20-minute film includes rare footage of endangered species, such as the clapper rail and the peregrine falcon, plus favorite animals like sea lions and brown pelicans.

We thank the California Museum in Oakland for allowing us to offer this video free as a download from our website.

Where Does It Go?

Where Does It Go

Opens with images of water and wastes rushing through sanitary sewer pipes and storm drains. Throughout the 12-minute video kids ask questions and find answers.

Students tour a wastewater treatment plant and see firsthand where the dirty water from their home goes as well as how the treatment plant cleans it up before it ends up in the Bay. Students in an environmental club do some storm drain detective work in their neighborhood, checking for trash and pollution at local creeks.

Student comments emphasize the damage to creeks, plants and animals from water pollution. They suggest some pollution prevention ideas like taking old paint and motor oil to recycling centers. Kids take action to prevent pollution by stenciling neighborhood storm drains. They make clear their sense of responsibility for protecting the environment.

The free video is designed for grades 3-6.