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This section contains useful information for contractors and vendors
interested in working for the Central Marin Sanitation Agency.
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CMSA maintains a list of qualified contractors. If you would like your business placed on this list, please complete an online application that describes the type services your company provides.


Central Marin Sanitation Agency’s (CMSA or Agency) is inviting licensed contractors to submit an online application for inclusion on the Agency’s list of qualified bidders for the 2019 calendar year. Interested licensed contractors wish to be included on the Agency’s 2019 list must complete an online application.

Submitting an online application does not constitute a contract. The Agency’s list of qualified bidders will be used to notify contractors of public projects with an estimated value between $60,000 and $200,000 in accordance with the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (Section 22000, et seq. of the Public Contract Code) and CMSA Ordinance No. 2013-03.

The application is available on the CMSA website (http://cmsa.us/projects/cupcaa-application). If you need more information, please contact CMSA staff, Jacky Wong, at 415-459-1455 extension 130, or via email at jwong@cmsa.us.



Contractors and consultants hired by CMSA are required to carry certain types of insurance such as Workers’ Compensation, Comprehensive or Commercial Liability and Business Automobile Liability. Click here to review our Contractor Insurance Requirements or Consultant Insurance Requirements.



CMSA welcomes bids on construction projects and process chemical supply contracts. The Agency follows the bid processes outlined in California's Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act to ensure that all bidders have the opportunity to be awarded a contract, and that the Agency is able to appropriately manage funds by awarding contracts to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. 

Please click here to view open bids.



CMSA considers safety to be paramount. We require contractors that work for us have the same dedication to safety. This is accomplished through an assessment of the contractor’s safety programs which takes into account the contractors workers’ compensation experience modification rate (EMR).