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The Agency was certified as a Green Business by the Marin County Board
of Supervisors in 2005. Our green initiatives include product reuse, recycling, appropriate disposal of hazardous materials,and energy production.


Detailed information on CMSA's various reycling, disposal, product reuse, energy efficiency, and other green business activities can be found in the annual Green Business Report.


Sustainable Initiatives and Practices

  • In partnership with Marin Sanitary Service, the Agency transforms food waste into energy through the Food-2-Energy Progam.
  • Biogas, produced in the digesters during the treatment process, is used to fuel the Agency’s cogeneration system, thus lowering natural gas procurement costs.
  • The Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) facility receives FOG from restaurants and markets, which also generates biogas that is used for fuel to power the facility.
  • A portion of the plant’s treated wastewater is reclaimed and used for on-site landscape irrigation, cleaning of tanks and equipment, and chemical transport.
  • Recycled wastewater is sent to Remillard Pond to help maintain a habitat for an endangered species of turtle.
  • Biosolids are beneficially reused as alternate daily cover at the Redwood Landfill, and as land-applied fertilizer for feed crops for livestock.
  • Bicycles and electric carts are used for on-site transportation.
  • Hybrid vehicles are part of CMSA's fleet.
  • Many Agency personnel participate in the Agency's carpool/alternate commute program.


Green Activities


Residents are welcome to come to our office and exchange their mercury-containing thermometer for a new, safe, environmentally-friendly digital thermometer . 


The wastewater agencies of Marin County financially support this program, where residents can responsibly dispose of pharmaceuticals without polluting our waterways. 


Green Informational Downloads

click here for a brochure shoiwng what is OK to flush down the drain and what is not.


click here for our Green Business brochure.

click here for our Green Business report. FY 16 

click here for our Green Business report. FY 15

click here for our Green Business report. FY 14

click here for our Green Business report. FY 13

click here for our Green Business report. FY 12