Central Marin Sanitation Agency

The Environmental Services staff is trained and certified to conduct testing which provides the necessary data to ensure the high quality of the effluent discharged to the San Francisco Bay.

Two Primary Purposes

  • To satisfy the regulatory sampling, testing, and reporting requirements of the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), which are outlined in our NPDES permit, and to meet other regulatory requirements.
  • To provide the Operations department and staff daily information on how the various treatment processes are functioning.



CMSA is State-certified by the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program for many of the analyses performed in the Agency's laboratory. Specialized permit testing also is done in other authorized labs. The test results are compiled daily and routinely reported to regulatory agencies.


Agency Committment

Agency staff are active participants in the Bay Area Clean Water Association (BACWA) Laboratory Committee and NPDES Permit Committee, California Water Environment Association Laboratory Committee, San Francisco Estuary Institute, and Regional Monitoring Program. 

The dedication, training, and certification of our environmental services team helps ensure the accuracy and precision of all the testing methods we perform.