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Central Marin Sanitation Agency
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The Operations Department performs various activities essential to the day-to-day operation and process control of the Agency’s Class V regional water resource recovery facility. The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining Agency assets which include buildings, grounds, vehicles, and treatment plant facilities and associated equipment. 


  • Monitor and adjust treatment processes.
  • Ensure facilities are operated to achieve and exceed permit compliance.

  • Monitor local agency collection system assets.

  • Order treatment chemicals and maintain inventories.

  • Conduct pilot testing and studies to improve and/or optimize treatment processes.

  • Monitor and operate systems to control the generation of wastewater odors.

  • Track the performance of all treatment and energy generation systems.

  • Operate an organic waste receiving facility.

  • Operate a power generation system.

  • Oversee and operate the Agency’s recycled water truck fill station.


  • The Electrical and Instrumentation group is responsible for maintaining the Agency’s process control systems, electrical and instrumentation equipment, and various electro-mechanical systems, and supports maintenance with communication systems and information technology infrastructure.

  • The department utilizes an enterprise asset management system for scheduling corrective and preventive maintenance, to manage its fixed assets, and to track repairs and maintenance activities and their associated costs.

  • Under contractual service agreements with the California Department of Corrections (San Quentin), County of Marin, and Sanitary District #2 of Marin, the department maintains collection system assets such as pump stations, force mains, and gravity sewers.

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1301 Andersen Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 415-459-1455 / 415-223-7793
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