Central Marin Sanitation Agency

Administrative documents governing Agency operations are available for download by clicking on the links below.


Administrative Policies/Procedures

 A compilation of Agency policies and procedures covering general agency standards, contract administration, safety and security, and financial and human resources procedures to support Board adopted financial and personnel policies.


Bay Area Air Quality Management
District Permit (BAAQMD)

The contract between the Agency and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District that requires compliance with air emissions standards. BAAQMD Website

CEQA Notice of Exemption

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Notice of Exemption for the Andersen Drive Landslide Repairs Project (FEMA Project No. MRCSC02). The project responds to and corrects disaster-related damage incurred during a declared state of emergency and consists of specific actions necessary to address or mitigate an emergency, consistent with CEQA Section 21083; 15269(a)(c).

CMSA Claim Form

Document for use by entities having a claim against the Agency for loss or damage of property. Form to be submitted to the CMSA Board's Recording Secretary.


CMSA Facility Tour Information


 Instructions and information you will need to conduct a highly informative and successful tour of our facility. Please feel free to contact CMSA at 415-459-1455 if you have questions or need further information.

Financial Policies

Financial policies adopted by the Board of Commissioners.


Joint Powers Agreement (JPA)

The JPA is the contract that forms CMSA. It details the Agency's purpose and powers, the membership of the commission and their duties and responsibilities, service cost allocations, financial and funding arrangements, and more.



JPA Member Agency Agreement for Larkspur Withdrawal



Letter of Understanding (LoU)

 Letter of Understanding between CMSA and SEIU (Local 1021) extending the MoU to June 30, 2022, and other specifics.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


 Non-management Agency employees are represented by the Marin Association of Public Employees, a chapter of the Service Employees International Union (Local 1021).

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES)

The contract between the Agency and the Regional Water Quality Control Board for the San Francisco Bay Area that requires reporting of self-monitoring analyses of treatment facility effluent quality and compliance with discharge standards. RWQCB Website


NPDES-SSO Exceedance Reporting

 Procedures for notification requirements for NPDES Permit exceedances and collection system sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) for CMSA and its member agencies.

Personnel Manual

 A compilation of Agency policies covering compliance with existing Federal and State laws regarding employment, administration of employment practices, administration of benefits, and standards of conduct.


Strategic Business Plan 2017-2021


 CMSA's strategic business plan is a Board approved 5-year guide to set priorities, focus energy and resources, and guide fundamental decisions and actions that will shape the Agency into the future. It includes Objectives and Actions for each year that support the Agency’s Mission and Goals, and align with the Agency's Vision.