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Central Marin Sanitation Agency
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CMSA periodically prepares new or updated ordinances relating to the Agency's business. PDFs of the current ordinances are available for viewing or download by clicking on the links below.


An Ordinance Relating to Bid Cost Threshholds and Bidding Procedures for Public Projects

Establishes monetary thresholds for public construction projects that can be awarded by administrative decision, an informal bid process to qualified contractors, and formal public bidding, in compliance with the Uniform Public Construction Accounting Act.

An Ordinance of the CMAS Board of Commissioners Adjusting Commissioner Compensation

Adjusting Central Marin Sanitation Agency Board of Commissioners compensation.

An Ordinance Providing Claims Procedures


Providing claims procedures for the preservation of claims against the Central Marin Sanitation Agency for money or damages which the California Goverment Code excepts from its claim provisions.

Claim Form

An Ordinance Regulating the Control of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Into the Waste Collection System

Regulates restaurants, diners, markets, grocery stores, and similar businesses to prevent or minimize the discharge of FOG to the sanitary sewer system in the CMSA service area.

An Ordinance Relating to Fee Schedules for Capacity Charges, Waste Haulers, and Industrial Monitoring



Sets fee schedules for new sewer connections and expansion of existing connections, septic tank and portable toilet waste disposal, haulers of grease and liquid organic waste delivery, and industrial discharger monitoring and permitting.

Please refer to CMSA's Master Fee Schedule for current rates.The schedule is updated each fiscal year.

 Master Fee Schedule

An Ordinance Minimizing Discharge of Mercury to the Sanitary Sewer.

Authorizes regulation of dental facilities to reduce mercury amalgam discharge to the sanitary sewer system in the CMSA service area for protection of the San Francisco Bay.

Sewer Use Ordinance

Provides for the regulation of specific businesses and industrial facilities in the CMSA service area that have the ability to discharge wastes into the sanitary sewer collection system that can interfere with the CMSA treatment plant operations, and negatively impact the environment, public health, and San Francisco Bay.



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