Central Marin Sanitation Agency

Documents of interest that drive Agency business are available for download by clicking on the links below.


Organic Waste and Power Delivery Programs

This presentation was prepared for the Water Environment Federation Technology Conference (WEFTEC) in Chicago on Spetember 21, 2019, as part of a “Co-Digestion – What Can We Handle” workshop.

WEFTEC Presentation - CMSA's Organic Waste and Power Delivery Programs

Bio-Gas Report


Report prepared by California State University, Fullerton for the California Energy Commission

 Air Quality Issues Related to Using Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste

Capital Master Planning

The Kennedy/Jenks 2011 Capital Master Planning Assistance Report can be found here.

Capital Master Planning Assistance Report

Capital Master Planning CVR

Co-Thickening Primary and Secondary Solids Analysis

Initial analysis of CMSA co-thickening primary and secondary solids by Dr. Paul Pitt (2013)

Co-Thickening Primary and Secondary Solids Anaysis


 Effluent Flow Monitoring Study


 HDR, Inc. performed an effluent flow monitoring study in 2016.

Effluent Flow Monitorying Study.

Facility Master Plan 2017

The Agency Facility Master plan provides planning level information for future potential maintenance and capital projects for the Board to review, discuss, and consider including in the Agency’s next multi-year revenue program. The plan included eleven technical tasks to evaluate a wide range of operational, process, and regulatory matters.


2017 Facility Master Plan

Food-to-Energy Workplan
and Facility

The Kennedy/Jenks 2008 Methance Capture Feasibility Study can be found here: Methane Capture and Feasibility


The Kennedy/Jenks 2009 Food-to-Energy Workplan and Facility Predesign can be found here: F2E Workplan and Predesign

Greenhouse Gas
Emissions Study

The  Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Central Marin Sanitation Agency (2012) completed by CH2MHill in 2013.

PG&E Interconnection
Agreement Study


The PG&E Interconnection Agreement Study was completed by Michael D. Brown Consulting Engineers in August, 2016.

Wet Weather Construction Project

The final report for the Wet Weather Construction Project, completed in 2010, can be found here.