Central Marin Sanitation Agency

Employee Benefit Package


(Effective Jan. 1, 2019)

Agency fully paid CalPERS medical for employee and dependents (based on the Kaiser Bay Area rate).

Employee + 2 or more dependents $1,997.45
Employee + 1 dependent 1,536.50
Employee only  768.25


Agency fully paid dental for employee and family.

Family $ 250.00
Employee + 1 dependent 150.00
Employee only 80.00

Vision Plan

Agency fully paid vision plan (VSP) for employee and family.

Family $ 28.32
Employee + 1 dependent 15.80
Employee only 10.89

CalPERS Retirement Plan

Classic: 2.7% @ 55

PEPRA: 2.0% @ 62


Long Term Disability and Life Insurance

Long Term Disability: Agency fully paid for employee.

Life Insurance: Agency provides $100,000 policy for each employee.



0-3 years of employment 10 days
After completion of 3 years of employment 15 days
After completion of 7 years of employment 20 days

Administrative Leave

Non-exempt management employees receive 1 week per year of administrative leave, while exempt management employees receive 2 weeks per year.

Sick Leave

Accrued at 1 day (8 hours) per month (12 days per year).


13 holidays per year (includes 3 floating holidays)


Shift Differential

Swing Shift = 7%
Graveyard = 10%

Standby Pay

An employee will receive 2 hours per day each weekday, and 4 hours per day for weekends and holidays (per MOU Section 11.8)


CMSA Benefits Reference Guide

Click here to view or download the CMSA Benefits Reference Guide, a booklet that gives an overview of the Agency's benefits for employees.