Central Marin Sanitation Agency

CMSA provides wastewater and biosolids treatment and disposal services for central Marin County. The wastewater treatment fees and charges are detailed below and based on the type of customer, and wastewater strength and volume. Please see CMSA Fee Ordinance for further details.


 For additional information on Agency fees, please see the Fee Ordinance


A permit fee is due when the permit application is submitted to CMSA. The purpose of this fee is to recover CMSA costs for application review, permit issuance, administration of the permit, and scheduled inspections to verify application information.

Class I User: Significant Industrial User, discharging                                                                           


Class I User: Significant Industrial User, zero discharge                                                                      


Class II User: Manufacturing, mass transit, and other facility (other than Class I, III or IV)_________


Class III User: Radiator repair, vehicle maintenance/repair, and other business categories                 


Class IV User: Groundwater discharger, intermittent or continuous discharge                                    


Class IV User: Groundwater discharger, single discharge event                                                          



A regional capacity charge* shall be paid for each new sewer user connecting to a public sewer within or being served by one of CMSA’s member agencies. Such charge shall be collected by the Member Agency in the same manner in which the Member Agencies now collect their own local sewer connection fee.

Residential units, whether in single-family or multiple-family configuration.

                                    Fee per service unit:*___________________________________________$6,094.28

Other new sewer user connections, including commercial, public agency, non-profit, and all others users, except industrial and high strength users.

                                   Per plumbing fixture unit, as defined in the UPC*_____________________$   380.89*

High Strength Users, including restaurants and bakeries.

                                   Per plumbing fixture unit, as defined in the UPC.*_____________________$  891.29*

New industrial structures and/or those new sewer users which, as determined
by the Agency's General Manager, discharge special volumes or strengths of
wastewater shall be charged a regional capacity charge established by Board
action in each individual case.

*The minimum connection fee is $6,094.28 per connection.


A wastewater facilities use charge shall be paid by septage haulers, other trucks hauling chemical toilet and/or domestic strength water, and recreational vehicles discharging directly in the Agency's treatment and disposal facilities. The amount of such use charges is based on the Agency's current regional sewer service charges. (Service charge is $312.56 per service unit.)

          Facility use charge______________________

$85.03 per 1,000 gallons


          Monitoring Fee_________________________

$15.00 per load


          Recreational vehicles disposal fee__________



Charges for other tank truck wastes will be determined by the General Manager on a case-by-case basis.


A wastewater facilities use charge shall be paid by haulers of fats, oils and grease (FOG) discharging directly into the Agency's treatment and disposal facilities.Please ask for more information and to make arrangements to be placed on our list of approved FOG/organic waste haulers.



A:  Fees are based on CMSA labor, administrative, and analytical costs of sampling

B:  Fees are based on CMSA labor and administrative costs for inspection.